Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Productive this week...

I have no idea why I'm being fairly productive this week. I'm like on hyper-drive for creativity.
It's weird. I've managed to finish three videos I was working on, start about three or four more, RPG, write on this, dance, etc etc etc.

Problem is, I'm neglecting my inbox and the messages are beginning to pile up. I'm just bored with answering them I guess...At the moment. Hopefully I'll get around to them. Otherwise, I'll end up having about 200 unread messages. And that can be pretty scary.

I went over to the YMCA today. It's kind of like our thing to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays now. I kind of enjoy it though. Especially on Tuesday. They have those bikes with the TV, and they play Lost reruns on the Sci-Fi channel at 6pm, so I can watch that with my headphones and forget that my legs are falling off by the end of the hour.

I made up this silly dance routine (like a lame exercise), inspired by LOST, and I'm tempted to actually film it and make an orientation film out of it. I'll call it Yoga-Dharma-Ballet to parody that "Yoga Booty Ballet"--which is so lame. Things like "Bad kitty!" I've come up with the Lockeabout, the Ben Stomp, and the Desmond swish. Seriously, Everyone will be doing it! (Yeah right, talk about wishful thinking...)

In other news...

Wait, WHAT other news? I have none. What has it been? Like two days since my last blog entry. Let me tell you, that not much happens around here. Of course unless you call ramming around town, eating pizza, blah blah blah, much news. It's not that exciting to write about, let alone, read about.

I'll probably watch "Minti" now, since I have it taped (With my trusty-ever-so-vintage VCR--Remember those?) from earlier. I think Fringe probably taped too, so I'll have to watch that... When I feel like it. Man, I keep thinking about the Fringe episode where the guys teeth starts falling out (yeeeeech!) I have this phobia about teeth falling out. I guess it probably stems from childhood when a large dog jumped on me and knocked me down, and also knocked out a tooth. It was a loose baby tooth...but still. I've been freaked out about both large dogs AND teeth since then. I prefer little animals that can't knock me over. Like rats...They're little enough to squish! lol. I'll walk past my three rat's cage, and they will go run and jump on the bars of it, looking at me. They look like prisoners or monkeys! lol.

What else is there to say? Absolutely nothing I can think of for now.

So, I'll just sign off now...


Saturday, February 14, 2009

My First Blogger Account...aww!


I didn't (don't*) really know what to write for my first entry, but there just had to be one in existence, or else my blogger account wouldn't be much of a blog, right? Yes, that's what I figured.

So, if at some odd chance you stumbled upon this blog... (uh oh, you're already considering clicking the back button on your browser, aren't you?) You're probably wondering, who is this stupid person that doesn't know how to write a blog? Or maybe you're just wondering when I'm going to get on with it. In any case, I'm going to do just that, because I too have grown up in this DSL world and lack the patience to hear some long ramble that doesn't go anywhere:

I'm Sara, I'm 18- soon to be 19. I guess you could say I'm kind of the Jack (or is it Jill?) of all trades as far as creativity goes. I can sing, dance, write (as long as it isn't blogging-lol), draw, video edit, photoshop...Everything.

I'm a big computer/electronics person, as anyone who knows me can vouch for that. I'm pretty much anywhere and everywhere on the internet, whether it be Facebook, MySpace, Fanfiction, YouTube, etc etc etc.

Pathetic advertisement:

Fan videos (Mostly LOST)- Ballet/Dance crap - Other:

Random Videos of My Life (which is mostly Dancing-heheh):

Dark Shadows Fan Video Page (because if MPI raids, I didn't want them to take down my other account):


FanFiction (not much on here yet):


I'm a pretty big fan of the tv show Lost. I've been watching it since it aired, and I like it a lot.
My Favorite character would have to be Ben. He might be devilish, and he is usually hoodwinking (Usually it's me. He always looks so sincere. I'm becoming wise to him and his tricks now, though...I think...), but I get a big kick out of him. I would kind of like if he turned out to be a good guy...

Other TV shows I watch are: The Mentalist, Heroes, Legend of the Seeker, and I have been trying to watch Fringe, but frankly it annoys me so much.

Fringe is like this strange Sci-Fi show that (every week) has a different case and then the three dull scientist people solve it. It's one of those whoop-de-doo shows. I kind of liked the characters at first, but now they just get on my nerves. I kind of just realized that I don't care much for JJ Abrams work, and I'm kind of glad he isn't working on Lost anymore. Every single show he has the same ol' cliche "strong female character".

Alias. Felicity. Fringe...

It kind of gets on my nerves. I guess it would seem that I would have all the support for a feminine character to be a leading role. But I just don't like it. To me, that's a man's job. That's what they were designed to be. Women are better for support and to give guidance. The average woman is too caring to be able to make heavy final decisions. Watching a woman lead a show- wearing the pants... I just can't. The women they pick always look way too fragile. Also, It's not very interesting to me when the characters are already associated in this large government company. I can't relate to it. And the last episode with the porcupine-guy? Weird.

I just don't get it. I'm far too analytical I guess. I can suspend reality only for so long. It doesn't work to fit this stuff in "the real world". And seriously, if Science was that advanced in the 70s, why don't they focus on something productive? What's the use of a radioactive man?


Also I wish she would do something with her hair. Being that I'm a bit compulsive over hair, I hate looking at her stringy over-bleached locks that fall and hang limply. It needs to be styled or something. They really need to give Charlie a story too. I like that actor. I liked him when he was in "The Black Donnellys" a show that didn't deserve to get the axe, but did. I think I'm still mourning it.

I think I'm watching some other shows too, I can't keep them straight (too many!!! SYSTEM FAILURE!) ... I think one is called "Lie to Me" and the other is... something... about an advertisement company.... ring a bell? I missed a couple of episodes probably by now. I just don't have time for them, and when they feel like a chore to watch, it's probably just best to drop them entirely.

I like the Mentalist (dubbed "Minti" by me- quicker to say), it's entertaining and always kind of interesting. There's something captivating about it. I can't figure out what it is. I don't usually like those types of shows.

So, moving on from television shows... with a really bad transition...

My favorite musical would have to be West Side Story. I also like The Phantom of the Opera- I saw that one on Broadway and it was really fantastic.

I am a ballet dancer. I am going to the Nashville Ballet summer intensive this year. I attended the Governor's School for the Arts last summer, I got a scholarship for it. I had to audition and then do an interview. I don't mind auditions, but I really hate interviews. I was comparable to a skittish guinea pig. Basically, I was rambling like an idiot, and couldn't think of anything particularly clever to say in reply to their questions. Somehow I managed to get in. I don't think it was because of the interview though. My room mate I had said that she had been nervous and rambling too.... Maybe that's why we got assigned to each other? Funny.

Right now I'm learning the Bluebird variation from Sleeping Beauty ballet. It's pretty fun, but I don't care for the hops on pointe. They are rather awkward. I guess I need to rip out the theraband and do some exercises.

So, whatever...What else do I say?

I just uploaded some crummy music fanvid for Lost on my nightdancer account. YouTube is purging most of my videos. Especially my favorites, like this Soap Opera one I made for LOST. Stupid record label kicked it off. It has sound over the music, it's not like anyone could rip it off unless they want John Locke randomly hollering, "It's my destiny!!!"

Come on!

I'm also working on about 6 other videos. One is almost done, not that great, but I thought the song was creepily fitting for Juliet and Ben. I need to rip some video for my other two, which is Slawst two, and this funny for Jack/Ben. Then, I have something else I started a year ago and never finished. Amongst others. So, yeah. I just need to concentrate on one.

Tata for now.

Signing off--- Sara